Introduction of futures platforms

Introduction of futures platforms

Introduction of futures platforms

As we mentioned in the previous article, the platform and data work together. The platform is like a car and data is like the gas of the car that makes sense next to each other.

Introduction of futures platforms

But first you have to buy the car then provide fuel for the car. In the futures market, you must first prepare a platform and then connect the necessary data to it. In this article, we are going to talk about the types of futures platforms and compare them with each other.

First, we must answer the question, what does the platform mean?!

A platform means an environment that provides you with trading conditions. Such as Meta trader, or the trading environment of the Binance exchange for trading crypto currencies.

The futures market has its own platform, but due to the provision of special features, it is not free like other platforms. By using the special platform of this market, you will have the ability to connect to the futures market and it will give you the possibility of using order flow tools. In fact, these platforms analyze the data of the futures market and display it in the way you want.

These platforms have different subscription prices because they are licensed. The concern that most traders have at the beginning of their work is the initial cost of preparing these platforms. Because they have to pay a lot of money to subscribe to the platforms at the beginning of the work, and it may be considered a large amount in proportion to the capital they have. But don’t worry about it! You can access these platforms for free with the support you receive from Zand Traders.

Join us now as we explore a few platforms: platform

Introduction of futures platforms 2

Volfix is one of the oldest companies in the futures market. You can see the different price conditions in the table below. platform

Introduction of futures platforms 3

This platform is a professional platform and very light in terms of software. This means that it can be used by computers that have less processing power.

In the image below, you can see different price tariffs of this platform. platform

This platform is very popular and lightweight. Most courses are taught on this platform. The graphic environment is rough and dry. However, it is very powerful in terms of programming and coding.

Introduction of futures platforms 4 platform

Introduction of futures platforms 5

This platform is weaker than the previous platforms, but it also has its own fans. This platform has a suitable graphic environment.

And the last platform we want to introduce is This platform is used in Zand Traders group trainings and group trader transactions.

The platforms that we have reviewed so far provide traders with the opportunity to use the platform for free for 14 days to one month as a demo, so that traders can measure the features of this platform and purchase a subscription to the platform if needed. In the picture below, you can see the subscription fee of this platform.

Introduction of futures platforms 6

The choice of this platform by the Zandtraders corporations as an educational and trading platform is for several reasons:

1- This platform is an open source platform.

2- It is an old, reputable and reliable platform.

3- Cracked, this platform is available in the world and we don’t need to buy an expensive subscription to this platform.

4- Easy and fast connection to futures data; for example, CQG data is not activated on the Sierra platform and accepts rhythmic data. But Ninja Trader can be easily implemented with the data of all data providers.

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