What is the take-profit limit or TP in forex trading?

What is the take-profit limit or TP in forex trading?

What is the take-profit limit or TP in forex trading?

A take-profit limit in Forex trading is a fixed order to sell, after reaching a certain level of profit. In fact, selling at this price guarantees that the trader will profit from the trade. In this article, Zand Traders will teach you how a take-profit limit order can help you to minimize risk and which traders should use this order.

Get to know the take-profit limit order in forex

A profit limit in the forex market is a fixed order placed by traders to maximize profits. In this order, the trader sets the price of a certain value higher than its purchase price. If the price of that value reaches the desired level, it will be automatically sold, and if the price does not reach the specified level, the order will not be executed at the profit limit.

Take-profit is a short-term trading strategy; for day traders who want to take advantage of their fast growing dividends and earn instant profits.

How does the profit margin work?

There are many people who ask questions and want to know how the take-profit limit works. These dear  ones are advised to read this part of the article carefully.

At the take-profit limit, traders set a daily price for selling stocks, securities, goods, etc.; to sell it at the specified price. This price is somewhat higher than the price at which they purchased the stock, in order to ensure that traders will profit from their sale.

What is the take-profit limit or TP in forex trading?

After reaching the profit point, the order is automatically activated and the sale is made at the market value of the day. If the price does not reach that certain point, the sale will not be made and the profit margin will not be activated.

Note that:

A profit limit order is often used with a stop loss order. A stop loss is a fixed order that causes a sale when the price of the security falls to a certain level, and the trader exits the trade to minimize the loss of the trade.

Introducing the right strategies to determine the profit limit

A TP order allows you to limit your risk or market exposure by exiting your trades as soon as the market shows a favorable price.

Setting the profit limit requires technical analysis of values ​​and possible market movement. Some strategies for calculating the profit margin include:

    Average actual range plus an overnight maximum rate

    -Daily or weekly pivot point

    -Chart pattern analysis

In this way, it can be said that TP order is an automatic exit strategy based on profit and loss calculation, not based on an emotional decision to sell or hold a value in the forex market.

What types of traders should use take-profit limits?

If you are a trader with a short-term strategy, taking profit may be beneficial for you. Using a take-profit limit helps short-term traders exit the market as soon as they reach their profit target.

In addition, many indicators can help you decide whether or not taking profit is a good idea by observing market trends and predicting prices. For example, an indicator that is useful for novice traders is the Average Directional Index (ADX). The ADX indicates how strong a value trend is on a scale of 0 to 100. The weaker the trend, the more likely it is to change.

What is the take-profit limit or TP in forex trading? 2

Advantages and disadvantages of take-profit limit

Profit limit tool in forex trading has both advantages and disadvantages. In the following, we will mention the advantages and disadvantages of the profit limit.

Every trader is willing to accept a certain level of risk and the goals and timings of each trader are different from another trader. Therefore, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the profit margin will help you to understand whether this trading strategy is right for you or not!

Advantages of profit limits

     -Profit Guarantee: A TP order helps you to ensure how much profit a day trader will make. If your order is executed, you are guaranteed to make a profit on the trade.

     -Profit Minimization: Take profit orders allow you to take advantage of rapidly growing market trends, rather than miss out on profitable sales opportunities.

     -There is no risk of guessing the price: Traders who use TP orders do not decide whether to buy or sell, but the trade is done automatically and without the risk of guessing.

Disadvantages of profit limits

    -Profit limit is not good for long-term traders because this tool is a short-term strategy that guarantees a profit amount quickly and for long-term traders who are willing to face more ups and downs in the market than it is not appropriate to make more profit.

    -It is not possible to use trends: it is not possible to use long-term trends with the profit margin. Traders who trade based on trends are often willing to trade when they recognize a good trend, and if they can’t act, they get frustrated and exit the trade very quickly.

-Profit limit may not be executed at all: In fact, there is no guarantee that the order will execute at the profit limit, because if the market does not grow to the level that the trader has set for TP, your profit limit will not be executed.

What is the take-profit limit or TP in forex trading? 3

How to determine the profit limit in forex trading?

The profit limit can be used in several ways. Stay with us to learn about these methods.

Fibonacci levels, one of the most important levels that traders pay attention to in order to use profit limit orders, are Fibonacci levels. If the market trend returns from those levels, the transaction is closed, and if the market trend crosses those levels, the transaction is entered.

Price action, trading in the direction of the trend and the moving average indicator are also examples of other methods of determining the profit margin in forex trading.

Final word

Profit limit order is a fixed order to sell shares, goods, securities, etc. after reaching a certain level of profit. In this way, if the market moves towards that point and reaches that point of profit, the sale is done and otherwise the transaction is not done.

Take profit is a short-term trading strategy that allows day traders to take advantage of rapid market movements for profit.

In general, the use of take-profit limits minimizes risk and loss and prevents emotional decision-making at the moment.

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