Introduction to OneUp Trader

Introduction to OneUp Trader

Introduction to OneUp Trader

Have you ever traded in the big financial markets? If so, how successful have you been in your trading? If you have not yet achieved the desired results in trading, OneUp Trader has come to your aid to become a professional trader. You must have asked how? Join Zand Traders to get fully acquainted with OneUp Trader, its form and how to get a fund or award from this trade prop, and a summary of everything you need to know about it.

Introducing OneUp Trader platform:

OneUp Trader is a trading platform that has designed a challenge in the form of a prep for those who are interested in trading so that they can start trading with a demo account first, and if successful and also when they have the necessary preparations, OneUp Trader offers them a fund as a reward or reward that they can use to trade with a real account.

Of course, it should be noted that in all these cases, conditions and rules are considered for traders who need to comply with them. Because otherwise their account will be closed.

In fact OneUp Trader is a privately held hiring company that facilitates appraisal programs for traders seeking to raise capital. The company is headquartered in Wilmington, USA and has more than five years of experience.

Prop Trader’s plan is to help motivated people like you become profitable traders by following a simple and transparent appraisal process to achieve financial and professional independence.

Key advantages of OneUp Trader:

 In this prop trader, traders will be only one step away from guaranteed financing, with fair and achievable goals.

 Data costs for valued traders (in certain circumstances) are eliminated; that’s over $ 444 a month is in the trader’s favor!

 It is possible to withdraw interest without any limitation if you receive capital; plus requests are processed on the same day!

 OneUp Trader support system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and as soon as possible.

OneUp Trader’s financing partners set a two-step policy to prevent violations!

 Dynamic account loss (Drawdown) in this prop trader will stop operating if it exceeds the allowed limit.

 Trader’s Association through the dedicated server of this prop trader.

 Access to quality webinars and instructional videos to increase potential and trading knowledge is provided.

 There are no restrictions on how you work when financing and many more!

In order to be able to test yourself in this challenge, you need to purchase an account. Each account has features that we have fully explained in the following. So please stay with us.

How to work with one up Trader platform

If you want to take part in the challenge of the OneUp Trader website, study how to work with this prop trader carefully and do them step by step.

As we said, to participate in challenge, you need to buy an account. For this purpose, select the amount of your account. Your account is actually your choice for the type of trade and profit you receive. For example, it is possible to choose an account from $ 25,000 to $ 250,000 accounts with the possibility of dividing the profit by 50% or 80%.

In the next section, we have provided the type of accounts in full with the features of each of them.

Types of OneUp Trader accounts:

Novice account

 Account of $ 25,000


 $ 1,500 profit target

 Maximum account loss (Drawdown) $ 1,500

 $ 500 per day loss limit

The first $ 8000 full profit belongs to the trader

The cost of resetting and restarting the account is $ 100

Beginners account

Account of $ 50,000

Maximum 6 contracts

$ 3000 profit target

Maximum account loss (Drawdown) $ 2,500

$ 1250 daily loss limit

The first $ 8000 full profit belongs to the trader.

The cost of resetting and restarting the account is $ 100

Advanced account

Account of $ 100,000

Maximum twelve contracts (contract)

$ 6,000 profit target

Maximum account loss (Drawdown) $ 3500

$ 2,500 daily loss limit

The first $ 8000 full profit belongs to the trader.

The cost of resetting and restarting the account is $ 100

Professional account

Account of $ 150,000

Maximum 15 contracts

$ 9,000 profit target

Maximum account loss (Drawdown) $ 5,000

$ 4,000 daily loss limit

The first $ 8000 full profit belongs to the trader.

The cost of resetting and restarting the account is $ 100

Now that you are familiar with the types of Pro form accounts on the OneUp Trader platform, we will introduce you the rules that has been set for traders.

General rules of trading in OneUp Trader

Trading days

You as a trader must be active for at least 15 days; It does not matter if the activity is sequential or non-sequential. Of course, business days, public holidays and weekends are not included.

Authorized instruments

These instruments include authorized trading instruments in the CME market, which are: 6A 6B 6C 6E 6N 6J 6S CL E7 EMD ES GC GE GF HE HG HO LE M2K MES MNQ MYM NG NKD NQ PA PL QI QG QM QM QO RB RTY SI UB YM ZBSL ZWT ZCN.

Allowed times to trade

You must close all your positions by 3:15 pm CST time. Normal trading days start at 5pm CST and end at 15:15, which again excludes public holidays and weekends.

Maximum allowed volume

The maximum position size is determined by the account size you select, and this is for all open positions on all instruments at any given time.

Profit target

The profit target is based on the account you choose; the profit target is the minimum amount of net profit required to continue working with the One Up Trader financing company.

Daily loss limit (daily drawdown)

The daily loss limit is the amount of loss that your net loss limit should not reach or exceed in any trading day. The reason is, your positions may be closed and even more trades will be stopped on that day until the next trading day.

Account loss (drawdown)

Do not allow your account balance to reach or exceed the amount specified for drawdown. As your account balance increases, the amount of entries will increase by a defined interval.

Regular schedule

You need to be able to trade in a consistent trading pattern. Traders must always have a total net profit of every 3 trading days which is equivalent to 80% of the net profit of the highest profit.

Now that you are familiar with the type of One up Trader accounts and know the rules, you can choose your trading platform.

Introduction to OneUp Trader

OneUp Trader Social Dashboard

In this social dashboard, the following facilities are provided for traders:

-Ability to post content, share and follow other traders

-Existence of multiple trading channels

-Ability to chat online with members

-Ability to analyze and review accounts

Introduction to OneUp Trader 2

Economic and industrial news

-This section includes the following:

-Publication of lectures and news

-Economic calendars

-Analysis of transactions of market managers and market leaders

-Live lectures

Introduction to OneUp Trader 3

Advanced analysis

The following items can be seen in the advanced analysis section of OneUp Trader:

-Advanced transaction statistics

-Daily updates of information along with detailed analysis

-Accurate chart statistics

-Review the criteria of price targets

Introduction to OneUp Trader 4

Trader financing

After following the instructions and achieving the goals that have been set, traders will receive fund from the financial partners of One up Trader, with which they can start trading in real conditions.

Contract guarantee

If you reach your goal in this challenge, as well as follow the rules, it is guaranteed that One Up Trader financing partners will provide you with an account at the rate of your evaluation stage.

Quick start bonus

Bonus is a kind of fund or prize that you can use to win quickly. For example, in this way, traders receive 100% of the first $ 8000 profit instead of 80% after the valuation phase, and in other accounts, they receive 100% of the first $ 5000 profit instead of 50%.

High payment ratio

In One up Trader, there is a generous dividend between the trader and the financing partner, which is between 50% or 80% and is based on the type of account you have chosen during the evaluation period.

Trader’s community

This way, as a trader in One up Trader, you have access to a private community of traders, where you can post, chat, discuss, share and exchange ideas to the maximum. Reach the longevity of your trading career.

The final word

Since its inception, the OneUp Trader team has been able to successfully add thousands of traders to its team with the help of its financing partners, and is constantly expanding its reach.

OneUp Trader believes that it offers more value to traders than the cost it receives. Try OneUp Trader and register with a free trial account so you can experience everything up close.

In this article, we tried to introduce you to another prop trader who has been very successful and to fully acquaint you with its prop form. We hope you find the content useful.

ZandTraders Collection has included the purchase of an account for its top students as part of its work plan, and if you are a dear friend of one of the top people among ZandTraders students, you can take advantage of this great opportunity.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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