All about MZPack software

All about MZPack software

How familiar are you with MZPack software in trading? Have you ever had the experience of working with the indicators of this software package? In this article, you will be fully acquainted with the MZPack software. Please follow Zand Traders; we have mentioned some interesting points about MZPack.

What is MZPack software?

MZPack software package is a set of indicators that are installed on NinjaTrader 7 and 8; Indicators based on order flow analysis, order book and market volume structures. MZPack uses all available data such as Level I and Level II, and indicator algorithms include elements of the CME market data specification.

In fact, the environment in which MZPack software indicators are run is Ninja Trader. To give you a better understanding of this software and how to work with it, we have provided a brief description of Ninja Trader below.

MZPack is a set of software that includes a set of indicators; These indicators are based on order book analysis, order flow, market volumetric structures, and also work with Data Level I and Level II.

All about MZPack software

What is a Ninja trader ecosystem?

Ninja trader is a comprehensive automation system that covers a wide range of tools and market conditions. Ninja trader’s order flow is a premium set of charting tools that help identify buying and selling pressures during analysis and trading.

Because Ninja trader is an Open Source platform, it is the best place for companies and organizations to build strong indicators. In this regard, MZPack software has been created and made available to traders.

Zand traders has provided these powerful and useful tools on the Zand traders website and Telegram robot to the Iranian trading community, and you can download the MZPack software pack by visiting the software download section on the Zand traders website at And install on your Ninja trader platform.

How to install MZPack software, in the introductory training videos of volume trading, has been completely taught by Nima Zand, the founder of Zand Traders.

All about MZPack software 2

What is the need to use MZPack software?

This is a question asked by many traders who are new to MZPack software; Accordingly, in this part of the article, we have decided to acquaint you with the features and advantages of this software pack.

Using MZPack software, you can trade professionally through order flow and volume-based analysis.

MZPack has a number of proprietary features that you will never see in competitors’ products.

Markets supported by MZPack software: Futures, Stocks, Forex and Crypto (required connections)

MZPACK has a wide variety of products that meet your needs.

For what traders is MZ Pack suitable and profitable?

The truth is that MZPack software indicators can be used in many trading methods. The types of traders that use MZPack software are:

     -Scalper Traders

     -Day Traders

     -Trend traders use MZpack Ninja trader Indicators to identify inputs / outputs and manage positions.

    – Long-term traders use the MZPack software to create large volume indexes (monthly, quarterly, yearly).

What are the features and tools of MZPack software?

After you have installed the MZ software, you can access the following tools.

All about MZPack software 3






For example, you can find Iceberg orders and DOM pressure performance or market depth in the mzBigTrade indicator. Do you know what Iceberg orders are? Stay with us.

Iceberg Orders

The Iceberg order is a special limit order whose original size is not shown in the order book. Keep in mind that you can never know the size of the icing on the iceberg without analyzing a real-time market algorithm; fortunately, the mzBigTrade index includes such search algorithms.

It is also important to note that significant iceberg orders are usually revealed by changing trends; the sell transaction may also trigger BUY iceberg orders.

What is DOM pressure?

We use the term DOM pressure to describe liquidity behavior in the market order path. Every trade you see in the mzBigTrade indicator is the result of matching a Market order with a limit order in the order book. This match occurs at the best Bid or Ask prices, depending on the order, sale or purchase.

DOM pressure can be negative or positive. Positive DOM pressure means adding liquidity at the best Bid price immediately after matching. Negative DOM pressure means adding liquidity to the best Ask price immediately after matching. Positive DOM pressure occurs on the opposite side of the order and is a resistance to the trend and is shown as a triangle.

In this particular case, we can see a huge group of sell orders with iceberg buy orders, along with DOM pressure, which we call a Reversal Order flow Cluster.

The next Reversal Order flow Cluster is a smaller cluster that includes iceberg sales orders and lower DOM pressure volumes, breaking the price of the cluster surface and resetting the second cluster; which can be the entry point of your purchase with the stop loss command or the loss limit just below the first return cluster.

You can use the Reversal Order flow Cluster template along with other MZPack software indicators to get better results.

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Dear friend, pay attention to this important point!

It is recommended that you always look at the big picture of the market or the main trend first, then check the flow of orders and the microstructure of the market.

In order to gain a better understanding of what has been said so far, we have given an example below. Please pay attention to the items specified in the image and related descriptions.

Example No. 1:

All about MZPack software 5

Monochrome triangles are pressure DOM.

     -Green triangle means DOM support.

     -Red triangles mean DOM resistance.

     -A: High sales but DOM support and Iceberg orders

     -B: Aggressive buy trades (with dotted line) but DOM resistance above

     -C: Do not trade in this situation.

Example No. 2:

All about MZPack software 6

    -D: Massive aggression sales; Activation of the loss limit, peak sales

     -E: Refer to C

     -F: See A

     -Ignore small amounts of DOM volumes (small triangles).

What is the meaning of Trade Setups in MZPack software? Trading stops are what you need to create your trading strategy. A trading strategy involves one or more stop trades. Setting charts and indicators on charts is an important part of your trading strategy.

Closing remarks: MZPack software

One of the most useful and useful set of trading software in Ninja trader is MZPack software. In this article, we said what MZPack software is and introduced you to some of its most important indicators and how they work. We also said what is the need to use MZPack software and what are its settings.

We hope that what has been said has added to your useful information in this area; Thank you for your attention and support, dear ones.

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