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How do professional traders trade?!

Unlike beginners who think that the reason for price movement is waves or patterns, the reason for price movement in a professional trader’s idea is money.

In the financial markets the professional traders seek to discover and understand the inflow and outflow of big money that sets the market direction and lends validity to levels or causes valid price levels to fail.

For example, in crypto currency market traders look for whale’s wallet or portfolios of large organizations such as Grayscale to identify the tendency of large currencies to enter or exit a currency. Also in the Tehran Stock Exchange, traders are looking for large cash inflows or large transfers between real and legal.

But in the US Forex and Futures market, the best way for a professional trader to find big money is to use the professional volume trading method. Unfortunately, up to now, due to the lack of knowledge of modern trading science, this method has remained unknown in the country.

And finally, the mission of Zand Traders is to promote the latest trading methods in the country.


Beacon for professional trader…

Fundamental is one of the most important parts of the trading profession that guides you to a perfect trade like a beacon.

World-renowned websites such as FXSTREET.COM, FOREXFACTORY.COM and INVESTING.COM can report important economic events such as interest rate, inflation (CPI, Retail Sales, PPI), unemployment rate (Unemployment), employees Non-agricultural (NFP) and followed the world’s major economies. The degree of impact of these reports on the currency of that country is different, which are displayed on the mentioned websites with different colors and symbols.

After recognizing the reports, the main step is to properly analyze these reports in understanding their impact on supply and demand and to identify the feelings of large investors and traders in general, which enables us to identify the market sentiment. This is only possible with the correct and principled training of the sentiment market.

Zand Traders tries to pave the way for you by providing information from its tribunes such as the website, Instagram and Telegram, YouTube and Aparat channels.

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